Prepping for Adventure!

Well, it’s hard to believe but we are finally here. We are finally getting ready to hit the road forĀ  adventures. We bought our rv, Flo, in March of 2016. We’ve done a few short trips here and there but this is it. We rented our loft. We purged most of what we owned, stored what we didn’t need on the road and loaded the rest into a 37′ Class A Pace Arrow. We’ve been parked up at a campground in our home port for the summer but the time has come to stretch those tires!

So, pack up the deck chairs, load up with water and propane, celebrate with K as she gets married and it’s off we go!

This space will chronicle our adventures. We’ll check out quilting venues and festivals and shops. We’ll hit writing events. We’ll see family and bear witness to our country as it is right now. Barnaby will be with us and have adventures of the feline kind. And I’ll share it all here.

Join us if you like. Comment when you can. We’ll miss you.

“Be well, Do good work, and Keep in Touch.” Garrison Keillor

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