The Big Easy

Recently, we visited Louisiana.

We spent a whole day exploring New Orleans, wandering the French Quarter. We crossed Lake Pontchartrain to get there over a 25 mile long bridge!

Everywhere was evidence of the festivities the night before. Beads hung from railings. Cigarette butts and wrappers littered the streets. The smell of stale beer and fried food clung to the air.

The sidewalks were damp from shop owners hosing them down in preparation for the new day.

We visited Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo.

She was a renowned voodoo practitioner in New Orleans in the 1800’s.

We picked up a spell for fast money but have yet to set it in a campfire.


We ate lunch at Monty’s and sipped iced coffee from Backatown.

Someone tried to hustle Vin for a shoeshine but we managed to escape dingy.

We spent some time napping in Louis Armstrong park, watching the ducks and listening to the sounds of the day.


In the evening, we met up with family. Vin’s great-nephew, his wife and their new son live in East New Orleans and they invited us for dinner. It was a lovely evening.

We moved a little further east to Alabama and then stopped in Florida to see my aunt. Now we’re in South Carolina and then on to North Carolina to see Nancy!

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Quilts in Columbus, TX

We’re here in Columbus Texas again. We loved this campground when we were here for the Houston International Quilt Festival. It’s an hour to Houston, an hour to Austin and an hour and a half to San Antonio.
On Saturday, we headed out for a drive. First we stopped at Timeless Classics, a vintage car dealership on Rt. 71 in La Grange. They have some really fun cars.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My favorite was the Ford F100 pickup with the very cool orange/yellow sparkle paint.

We chatted with the proprietor and then headed into downtown La Grange where we found a lovely quilt/knitting shop called The Quilted Skein. They have gorgeous fabrics and yarns as well as supplies, very cool custom mugs and stuffed animals.


Right next door is the Texas Quilt Museum. Their exhibits included a selection of Indigo quilts from the Poos Collection. These quilts are all from the 1800’s and are all hand pieced/hand quilted!


There was also a selection of winners from the Houston show.


This elephant quilt is so stunning. The background is a hand dyed fabric.

This quilt is from Japan and features mulberry paper within it.


It was a lovely day exploring.

Lunch not so remarkable.

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Project Trading

One of the fun things about creating as a fiber artist is being able to trade my work with other people who create with fiber.

Recently, during my trip to California to spend time with my family, I learned that my niece, Little Z, has developed a fondness for creating in fiber as well! She has made at least one small quilt and 2 teddy bears. She made her first teddy bear in 2nd grade!

She herself was not so fond of her first foray into sewing stating that this blue bear didn’t deserve a name. She said her second bear was much better.

I still have and have used frequently, my very first quilt. My quilting adventures began with 2 jelly rolls of Kaffe Fassett fabrics in shades of blues and greens in a simple rail fence design.

I showed it to my niece, telling her that this was my first attempt at quilting. I pointed out that I didn’t think it was my best work, how I’ve grown, what I’ve learned, etc.

I then proposed a trade.

I would give her blue nameless bear a home if she would keep my first quilt safe. She agreed. I made her a special label.


She was snuggled under it reading


And I named her bear Osita, meaning Little Bear in Spanish. She sits near the window in my RV and keeps watch over us. I love her.

My best trade ever!

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Long time no Posts!

It has been far too long since I have shared anything!

Short recap:

While in Arizona at the beginning of December, both Vin and I were hit hard by the flu. We were both pretty much out of commission for 10 days or more. I can not remember the last time I was that sick. Everything hurt. It was awful.

From there, we moved west to Las Vegas. We had intended to go to Santa Barbara but the fires forced us to re-plan. Vegas was fun but neither of us are gamblers. I did make Vin drive down the strip once at night. You can’t go to Vegas and not see all that neon and insanity at least once. We also saw a Frank Ghery designed building.


And then we headed north. We spent 3 weeks in Northern California visiting with my sister and her family. It was so great to spend time with them. We saw Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

We went to the Monterey aquarium which was so cool!


And we visited writer friends in Oakland. Vin and I went to see one of my sisters lectures in her Holocaust class. It was awesome to see her at work.

I saw the Pacific Ocean and my very first redwood tree.

20171227_120607.jpgWe met some lovely people at the campground that we’re keeping in touch with.
My niece and nephew are amazing kids. I wish I lived in California so I could see them more often.
Who knows, maybe after our travels we’ll relocate closer.


My awesome nephew Big Z.


My amazing niece Little Z.


Me and my sister, Amy.

After the holidays we headed south to the San Diego area where it was 80 degrees! It was glorious! I was able to sit outside in the sun with my coffee first thing in the morning. Barnaby would lay under a bush and snooze away.

And now we are in Arizona again. No sickness this time! We’ll see the Grand Canyon and Old Cottonwood. We’ll head to Phoenix to see our friends who are there through February. And we’ll see what else we can fit in.

Here’s to traveling!

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Houston Quilt Festival!

After more than 2 weeks of traveling and visiting, we finally made our way to Texas which will be home for 3 weeks.

Our first big event was the Houston International Quilt Festival. This annual event brings in thousands of people to take classes, listen to lectures, see more than a 1000 quilts on display and shop more than 1000 vendors!

It was amazing. The work displayed was stunning. The vendor options staggering. You name it, it was for sale.


Live music and dinner on the plaza.


A sea of streamers along Main Street.



Quilter: Timna Tarr


sugar skull doll





Quilter: Maria Shell


Love this quirky quilt!

amazonas 2

Koi Fish b y Danny Amazonas

amazonas 1Lizard by Danny Amazonas

My photos do not do any of these quilts justice. There were so many amazing quilts from every “genre” of quilts. It was inspiring and overwhelming and wonderful.


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Fort Niangua, Lebanon and Lake Paradise, Lone Jack, Missouri

We spent 6 days in Missouri and visited with Vin’s brother Joe. It was great spending time with family and seeing how much all the kids have grown!

Fort Ninagua, along the Niangua River was just gorgeous!

Niangua River

And the hidden playground in Lone Jack was fun!


We went to the Steamboat Arabia museum in Kansas City. These guys found the Arabia in a corn field and all 200 tons of its cargo! Food stuffs, building materials, material and housewares for a dozen or more general stores up the Missouri River.

Hundreds of forks and spoons, boots, beads, dishware, axes and awls, saws and rod iron bars, pickles, cherry pie filling, nails and spurs, and the original boilers and a reconstructed water wheel.


These are hand blown, paper thin glass beads (among some other pretty things). I cannot even imagine what it must have been like to discover it. How do you even begin to process a find like this?!

About 65% of the find has been cleaned and is on display. You can even see the people working on pieces in the lab that is right on sight.

We found dinner at a little place called The Burrito Brothers and bought spices at The Tikka House. Fresh dill and gyros!

We also visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. An amazing outdoor collection of Henry Moore sculptures. We toured the Block galleries and saw works by Cezanne, Picasso, Degas, Bonnard, Gauguin, Renoir and van Gogh. Absolutely gorgeous!

Lunch with a great niece and her husband and then dinner with a niece/husband/son at authentic Kansas City BBQ.

Our stay finished off with a good ole Midwestern thunder storm! Lots of lightening and wind and rain.

My first visit to Kansas was a resounding success.

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Week 1!

And so the (mis)adventures begin! Our first week on the road!

Out of the gate we got started much later than we had planned but that didn’t send us over the edge too much.

In the darkness and rain of the Berkshires, we headed out into the night bound for somewhere in Pennsylvania. We made it just outside of Binghamton NY and stopped for the night.

Our first day of driving was covered in a thick layer of clouds but not much rain. Yeehaw!

We had a planned stop at Kenisee Lake in Ohio. Our GPS, which in theory should help us avoid low clearance areas since it knows how tall we are, led us down a narrow dirt road towards a bridge with a 10′ 8” clearance. Yeah, not going under there! We’re 12′ 6”!

Welcome to the first trial of the trailer. We could not turn around anywhere. So we had to offload Deb (the Smart Car) and then unhook the trailer, push the trailer out of the way, back up and turn and reattach the trailer. By now, we were only a mile away from our destination so Deb did not ride on the trailer.

Strongly considering getting a tow bar for her since she is made to be towed 4 down.

Bound for points West on I86. We passed a number of orange cones which had created a super narrow space for traveling. As I said something to the effect of, “well those are just asking to be run over…”, the sounds of thwump thwump thwump could be heard echoing.

Not so bad, right? Until we stopped to discover that said thwumping meant we’d totaled our retractable stairs and torn a piece of metal back like a sardine can lid!




Figuring there was no fixing it then, we kept going. We spent a couple of days visiting with family which was great. My husband’s family is so warm and welcoming. We don’t get to see them all often enough but it’s really wonderful when we do.

We stayed near the Niangua River and spent some time wandering the riverbed. It’s littered with rocks that look like pumice.



And we just marveled at a “flock” of golden eagles spiraling in invisible thermals.

We are currently residing east of Kansas City, waiting on steps to be delivered and installed. Those cones are costing us over a grand to deal with. Hard lesson.

Fun things:

  1. The land is stunning in the Midwest.
  2. There are camels in Missouri!
  3. Driving should end by 3pm if you’re traveling west.

And on to Week 2 we go! Stay with us for all the adventures, mis and otherwise!

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